Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

30 Luglio 2018
30 Luglio 2018 d.baldi

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. These digital currencies are gaining more credence and popularity by the day as a result; their prices fluctuate changing every passing second, minute and hour. They are fast becoming a means of investing and in some cases, gaining fast profits. There are over 1300 cryptocurrencies in existence and here is a compilation of the top cryptocurrencies you may want to invest in this year.

  1. Ripple: This is the fourth most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoins and it is gaining this popularity because of the steady increase in its value. Ripple is a system that was created to aid banks in enabling instant payments at lower costs. Here are the advantages of ripple and why you should invest in them.
  • Ripple doubles as a cryptocurrency and a payment network.
  • The platform offered by ripple makes it super easy to transfer any currency to any other type of currency anywhere in the world (which is the basic idea behind the creation of cryptocurrencies)
  • Transactions can be carried out in as fast as four seconds!
  • They are practically the only cryptocurrency working with banks and other financial institutions to offer to their user’s cost-effective ways of carrying out real time payments anywhere in the world.

Steadily on the rise, ripple is a number one choice for your cryptocurrency investment for the reasons stated above and many more others. Notable is the fact that while other cryptocurrencies dropped in value towards the end of last year, ripple was the only cryptocurrency that showed strength. For long term investments this year and lesser transaction fees, this would be a sure call.

  1. Litecoin: This is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies available in the crypto market. It was launched in 2013 and where advanced security and data storage is concerned, it is your go to cryptocurrency. It is the 5th largest cryptocurrency and one of bitcoin’s fiercest rivals. They share the same features with bitcoins and are very secure for your transactions. With its growth rate constantly on the rise, this is one of the cryptocurrencies the world is keeping an eye on this year.


  1. Bitcoin Cash: Just six months after this cryptocurrency was launched sometime in July 2017, the prices went up from $411 to over $4000. With the feature of being easily adaptable to everyday use, it is no wonder why this is fast becoming a choice with investors. Decentralized, open and secure, this cryptocurrencies boasts of features that would continue to make it a force to reckon with in the crypto market.


  1.  Bitcoins: The most popular and highest valued cryptocurrency; bitcoins still remain the highest valued cryptocurrencies and would be retaining this post for quite some time. You do not have to buy an entire unit. Ride on the popularity of this coin and make a solid investment this year.


  1. Ethereum: This cryptocurrency is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies. Over the years, it has shown impressive growth rates one that would continue to wax stronger than it currently is. Do you know that ethereum enjoys more subscription than bitcoins? Do you know that ethereum is perhaps the safest cryptocurrency out there? If you are looking to invest in ethereum, the time is now!






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