30 Maggio 2018
30 Maggio 2018 d.baldi

Be Everywhere

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be elsewhere, to feel the air of another country on your face, have foreign tastes roll on your tongue, be enraptured by smells you never thought you would experience, all the while being in the comfort of your home?

Of course, if you fantasize or love travelling then definitely the above thought and even more has always been your dream.

Many people are constrained by their schedules, responsibilities and finances from exploring the world as they have always wanted. However, technology is quickly catching up with fantasies. Today, telepresence is possible, to a larger extent than it ever was and the company pushing this forward is Ubiatar.

What is Ubiatar?


Ubiatar is a U.S company that proffers a solution that allows you to be ‘live’ anywhere through the use of an avatar. The company is founded by Fulvio Dominici and Francesco Raco.


Ubiatar’s slogan ‘be everywhere’ paints the team’s drive to satisfy man’s innate desire for ubiquity. This desire has led to many inventions and innovations, from letter writing to the telephone and the internet. The internet in itself has also evolved to accommodate more and more of man’s thirst to what is obtainable today as live videos, which is the closest man has ever been to being in two places at the same time.


The Ubiatar team strongly believes that humans are a better option to robots, and as such, individuals who are willing will be recruited to act as a remote body for the individual who for some reasons, is unable to explore as much he or she would want to. This is because human beings are able to bring fullness to the experience unlike robots.


The Ubiatar team holds that interaction is key to human existence and that no one should be denied the opportunity to explore and attain their full potential by any obstacle, whatsoever. In addition, the team is out to empower individuals to promote their cultures and earn an honest living by offering their services as avatars.


How Ubiatar Works


Ubiatar involves two parties: the Usar and Avatar.


The Usar is the one who is home who gives directions to the Avatar. Being the Usar means the individual has chosen where he or she wants to be. The Usar then proceeds to look for people in that destination who are willing to serve as Avatars. Usually, there are ratings to help the Usar decide on the best Avatar. The Usar can control the Avatar and see all that is going on through a smart device. All this is made possible through the Ubiatar App and then the services paid for using Ubiatar currency.


The Avatar offers his or her services and only needs the Ubiatar App on a smart device and an Ubiconnect (a stick to stabilize the video). Anyone can be an Avatar.


Thus, telepresence is a goal that man has sought unconsciously through centuries and has finally found expression through Ubiatar. Ubiatar promises to leave every user of the app sated and willing to explore more of the world.

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