28 Febbraio 2018
28 Febbraio 2018 d.baldi

Telepresence Comes Alive

From long ago, great men and inventors alike have sought to solve one of man’s inherent goals- being in more than one place at a time. Ubiatar is a company based in Silicon Valley that is committed to bringing to life man’s great desire for telepresence.

Through Ubiatar’s genius innovation, anyone can explore the world from the comfort of the home. It, however, requires a Usar and Avatar. The Usar is the individual who requires the services of an avatar so as to experience a preferred destination through a remote body. Meanwhile, the Avatar is paid to create a worthwhile collection of activities that immerse the Usar in the chosen destination. The Usar gives directions to the Avatar using the Ubiatar App.

However, to expand this venture, the Ubiatar team has turned to ICO.

What is UbiatarPlay

It is the digital marketplace designed by the Ubiatar team to allow Avatars and Usars meet for transactions. The peer-to-peer platform can be likened to Googleplay store where creators of apps and customers meet but in this case, it would be Avatars offering their services.

The income from the marketplace will be used to fulfill the UbiatarPlay mission which is to make the Ubiatar token valuable all over the world and hence, provide as many people as possible with gainful job opportunities.

The goal of UbiatarPlay is to empower the unemployed the world over through rewards for being avatars. Such an opportunity will be a truly flexible source of income while the demand to experience vast cultures will be met. Therefore, UbiatarPlay is essentially a platform for interaction and exchange of value in terms of money and knowledge.

UbiatarPlay ICO

The Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way value is being distributed and recorded such that it is much safer and faster. In addition to this, it has also imparted on the way companies create their funds.

Once upon a time, crowdfunding used to rely on tangible cash in a slow process but through blockchain, crowdfunding is made easier through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). UbiatarPlay is therefore, offering tokens to efficiently raise funds.

To support Ubiatar’s goal, the Ubiatarcoins are being offered to the public through an open-sourced wallet that allows the users to move tokens from the wallet to and from third parties. Users of this platform would be able to exchange tokens using an Ubiatar debit card. Therefore, it would be possible for value to be transferred once the Ubiatar platform starts counting the duration of telepresence.

The coin subdivision will be thus: ICO (34%), Founders (8%) and UbiatarPlay (58%). The ICO is scheduled to begin on March 23, 2018.

UbiatarPlay ICO Team

The team is founded by Fulvio Dominici and Francesco Raco while Maria Elena Gitto is the venture capitalist. Others on the team are Luca Tedesco, Antonio Giordano, Andrea Santu, Fabio Padoin, Marco Lucchetti, Dave Borella, Maria La Grotta, Antonio Rinaldo, Elisa Nardecchia, Alessio Conte, Alice Doyle, Elena Smeraglia and Aurora Camoglio.

Therefore, the Ubiatar coins will be used for exchanges on UbiatarPlay and over time, all type of tokens, including Ethereum will be accepted on the platform to usher the future of telepresence.

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